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Has your oily skin been your enemy, too? Or, have you ever wondered what is preventing you from befriending your oily skin?

Or why despite using only the prescribed cosmetics for oily skin on the internet or following my Dermatologist steps with diligence, I am still not getting my desired skin? If your answers to these questions were yes, then perhaps you are missing some most important yet easiest steps in your Oily skincare routine.

But No worry! Because, in this blog, I will be discussing those necessary but unfortunately the most overlooked day-to-day steps that you must, being an oily skin type, involve in your daily routine.

Before we dive into the main steps, let’s first get to our functioning of the skin. How and what process crept inside and outside our body before we get a spoiler on our face.

WHY I am getting Acnes?

Don’t want to bore you here with the heavy medical terms. This is the easiest way you could understand the functioning of your skin before you get a spoiler on your face, the spoiler that comes on our face especially a day before we have to attend a special occasion (unfortunate coincidence!?).

•Androgen Hormone: The hormone present in both males and females, which increases in the adolescent phase.

•Sebaceous Glands: The oil/Sebum producing glands in human.

•Propionibacterium: The acne-causing bacteria which are naturally present on the skin.

Our enemy here is none other than SEBUM, the same waxy substance that comes on our face very often.

However, if you think Sebum doesn’t have any benefits then you could be wrong here. Sebum is created by the glands on our skin and is deemed beneficial in naturally moisturizing it and even protecting it from harmful sunrays and fungal infections. Absence of it engenders excessive dry skin.

 However, the problem arises when androgen hormone increases in the adolescent phase and makes the oil-producing gland more active, resulting in the release of excessive Sebum. And when this excessive Sebum combines with the skin cells and debris, dirt and pollution present on our skin, it blocks the openings of hair follicles or in easy terms block the skin pores, resulting in acne breakouts.

And as our skin is present with acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium, this Sebum works as a fertilizer for it and increases its growth on our skin, and gives rise to more severe inflammatory acne.

Main causes behind Acne breakouts

While the main reason behind Teenage acne are hormonal changes and Genetic predisposition ( if someone in your family has had acne, you are most likely to get them too), there could be other reasons behind it too-

1. Use of excessive cosmetics or oily, outdated non-skin friendly skin products.

Cosmetics on oily skin (Photo by Jhong Pascua from Pexelso)

2. In women, it could be due to hormonal fluctuation during menstrual cycles.

3. Certain Acne triggered drugs or medications.

4 Stress and anxiety too could trigger acne.

Acne cause by Stress/Anxiety (Photo by energepic.com from Pexels)

5. Humid climate or getting excessive sweat on face.

What steps to include in my daily routine?

At this, point you may have understood the cause behind your acne. Getting to the main point, do not overlook these easy day-to-day steps in your oily skincare routine, and see how it brings positive results for your skin within a few weeks.

1. Don’t use hair as curtains on your face: I know, I know! It is the best veil to hide pimples on the face. But have you considered that sebum or the oily substance is not only present on your face but scalp too, making the hair greasy? Even if your hair is nicely shampooed the oil and chemical present in your shampoos can reach out to the skin, clog the skin pores and cause acne.

Oily skincare (Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels)

So, it’s advised to tie your hair back nicely especially when you find them a little greasy.

2. How important are my pillow covers? : As simple as it is, your face spends a considerable time with a pillow and hence it gets really important to check on the cleanliness of pillow covers.

Oily skincare (Photo by Laker from Pexels)

Change your pillow covers at least 3 times a week. And why just pillow covers, your Handkerchiefs or face masks too come in direct contact with your face!

3. Water is a must: You may have got tired of hearing this again and again but you shouldn’t miss this step to include in your daily routine. One of the reasons why water is important in your fight against acne is that it counter influences constipation which is also a big cause behind acne.

Oily skincare (Photo by Buenosia Carol from Pexels)

Try making a water-bottle your companion

4. Don’t compromise on thoroughly washing your face: Whatever product you are using to wash your face, make sure that it gets thoroughly cleaned from your face. I have seen people leaving a bit of soap or face wash on face after washing it with water. I wouldn’t lie I did the same thing to spare my hair from getting wet.

Never do that.

Oily skincare (Photo by Vitora Santos from Pexels)

5. Lesson your meetings at junk-food corners: It might be the most difficult step in the starting but isn’t impossible, especially if you are getting a flawless blemish-free skin in return.

Oily skincare (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

Do you miss any point amongst the above-mentioned ones in your daily skincare routine? If yes, I am sure you wouldn’t forget to miss them now. Moreover, it’s Winter time! Meaning some extra tips for a great Winter skincare routine is a must!


Do give me a comment, what points you think I have forgot mentioning in the blog? ☺

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