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What’s according to you the most irritating thing about having acne? Not being able to get rid of them is just redundant to mention here, but there is this thing that at a time would be enough to blow my top. When I had severe acne on my face, wherever I go I would get free, unsolicited ‘remedies’ from people, often strangers, let alone the uncomfortable stares.

Use this, use that. Don’t eat this, eat that. As if people with acne haven’t already researched a lot on every aspect of acne. And although they might have your best interest at heart, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the swathe of a lot of suggestions.

Consequently, I stopped using anything on my face and just washed it with cold water.

One day, almost a year back, I just happened to mix some ingredients that were kept in the kitchen and nobody used at home. AND happened to make a homemade toner that’s been amazingly working like a charm on my Oily skin.

So, today, I will be sharing those easily-get 4 ingredients and the 3 minutes procedure that has given me a wonderful toner for my acne-prone oily skin.

I have been using it for a year now, and every day get amazed to see the amount of invisible dust & pollution it magnetises out from my face.

I will also be explaining the natural-acne fighting benefits of those ingredients, that again I happened to read after a few months of using it and benefiting from it 😀

INGREDIENTS: (For a 100ML bottle, that could be used for a month)

  1. Green Tea ( 1 Teabag)
  2. Neem Oil ( half tablespoon)
  3. Tulsi/ Holy Basil ( 3-4 leaves )
  4. Aloe Vera (Optional) ( 1 tablespoon pulp)

Now before reading anything and giving it a try, it gets really important to check on and get knowledge of things involved in it. So let’s get to the benefits of each ingredient and their natural acne-fighting properties in a short.


Green Tea for Oily Skin
Green Tea for Oily Skin


How does green tea help? Green tea contains substances called catechins. These plant-based compounds, or polyphenols, have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties. They also attack free radicals.

Green tea is especially rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol that researchTrusted Source has shown can improve acne and oily skin.

In addition to having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, EGCG lowers lipid levels and is anti-androgenic, making it effective at reducing sebum (oil) excretions in the skin}


{​ https://www.byrdie.com/neem-oil-for-acne-4801662 Most studies examining the benefits of neem oil have been performed in vitro or on animals, so human research is limited. However, our experts suggest that its components may make it a beneficial acne treatment.

-Kills bacteria & fungus:

“Neem oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits—all good properties to look for to combat acne,” says Lu and Fu. “However, no studies have been conducted that have tested this ingredient topically to treat acne. Based on the data we can gather, we’d say it’s a good ingredient to complement your acne product, but not one to replace.” Guanche agrees: “A common complication with oily skin is that too much oil can clog pores and cause pimples,” she explains. “Given the myriad of benefits contained within neem oil, it may actually help prevent breakouts thanks to its antibacterial properties, and reduce the appearance of breakouts as it is anti-inflammatory.” Which bring us to our next point…

-Reduces inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory effects of neem oil are particularly helpful when healing inflammatory acne, as it slows down the body’s response to react to acne-causing bacteria. A little science background: The condition of acne occurs when too much sebum—or oil—is produced by the sebaceous glands that rest at the ends of each of our pores. If these glands are pumping too much oil through the pores, it can become clogged. The acne symptoms start to form when debris, like dead skin cells, also get stuck in the pores and the combination forms bacteria called P. acnes. Inflammatory acne occurs when the body recognizes this bacteria and sends white blood cells to attack it, much like it would in the event of a cold or a cut, in an effort to heal the area. By curbing the body’s inflammatory response, breakouts can be less prevalent and may not pop up at all if neem oil is used as a regular part of your skincare routine, even if you already have oily skin.

-Fights free radicals: A 2016 study found that azadirachtin and nimbolide, (which are both found in neem oi) fight and reduce free radicals that are harmful to the health of the skin. This can be especially helpful for anyone struggling to reduce the appearance of acne scars or the hyperpigmentation that results from form scarring, as antioxidants can repair the skin’s cells}


Tulsi/Holy Basil for Oily skin

uses-of-tulsi-in-your-skin-and-hair-care-routine%3famp Environmental factors such as pollution, heat, dust and grime as well as loading up on beauty products on a daily basis can take a serious toll on the health of your skin. And, when you don’t give your skin extra care and attention by cleansing it twice a day or you carelessly sleep with your makeup on, it adds up to your skin woes, clogging pores and giving birth to a number of other skin-related issues such as acne and pimples. Tulsi benefits the skin by providing it with a deep-cleansing effect. It not only thoroughly removes dirt and impurities but also the excess oil. If you have oily skin, then this aromatic herb is your best bet}


If you have been through the blog and is reading this section, you may have understood the wonderful benefits of these ingredients in your fight against acne. Now, without further ado let’s get to the simple 3 minutes procedure to make the Homemade Toner for your Oily skin.

1.Take 100ml water in a pan.

2.Steep a tea bag & other ingredients in it and let it boil for at least 2-3 minutes.

And You are done!! Let the solution cool for a few minutes and fill it in a bottle.


Use a dab of cotton, put a few drops of the solution and clean your face thoroughly at least 2 times a day. When you find the cotton turned black with dust & pollution, you are done!

Apply this homemade toner for your oily skin while also keeping in mind these necessary points in your Oily Skincare routine that you might be overlooking right now. It has helped me & I’m sure it will bring results for you as well.

I wish you a clear, blemish-free & flawless Skin forever! 🙂

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